Birman Cat Breed Facts

birman catThe Birman cat breed is also known as Sacred Cat of Burma. It is ivory colored, medium to large semi-longhaired cat. It also has darker color points on the face, ears, tail, and legs; and has an overall golden sheen. One of its most unique features includes pure white paws on all its feet which are known as ‘’gloves’. In addition, Birmans have a white, v-shaped areas on their hind legs known as ‘’laces’’. These white areas come to a point on the back of the hock. Birmans with near-perfect gloves as well as lace markings are the only competitive ones in the show ring.

History of Birman cats

The origin of the Birman cat is thought to be Burma. It used to be the sacred companion of Kittah priests. History has it that around 1919, a pair of seal-pointed Birmans was shipped from Burma. However, the male died on the way but the female survived and was found to be pregnant on arrival in France. The offspring of this particular Birman cat are the foundation for all the Birman cats we know today. The French cat registry officially recognized the Birmin cat as a distinct breed in 1925. Birmans cats are today recognized by feline fanciers as a French breed.

The first Birmans cats were exported to the USA in 1959 and to Great Britain in 1965. They were recognized as a breed by the British cat registry in 1966 and in 1967, the American Cat Fanciers’ association followed suit.


Birmans have marvelous dispositions. They are extremely inquisitive, friendly, self-assured, and playfully outgoing. They are not overly pushy. They usually follow the owner around the house just like puppies. They actually need and appreciate human companionship and are very fond of children. Birmans are a trusting, happy, and adaptable breed of cats.

  • – Temperament

Birmans are generally moderately active cats. They are also naturally fairly quiet and gentle. In most cases, they are kept exclusively indoors in order to protect them from parasites, automobile accidents, and dog fights. This also protects them from infectious diseases. Another important reason for housing them indoors is to help prevent matting and tangling of their exquisite glistering coats.

– Behavioral traits

Birmans cats are extremely loyal to their owners. They cannot be left on their own for a long period of time because they need a lot of attention and affection. The females mature early and can give birth when they are seven or eight months of age. They are usually very devoted mothers. The males of this breed are renowned for their kind, loving temperaments with their offspring as well as people in their lives.


Birman cats come in a wide variety beautiful of colors. They have round, deep blue eyes that are set widely above high cheek bones. The nose is slightly Roman-shaped. These characteristics give them a sweet facial expression. Birman cats are a strikingly beautiful breed of cats and it’s a good idea to keep one of them as a pet.